Mini-Boom (Oil Only) Rapid Control of Oil spills on Water

Oil spills on the water are extremely difficult to clean up, and they have the potential to threaten animals and spread deeper into the ocean.

The Absorbent Mini-Boom is a non-toxic, natural, 100 percent biodegradable spill containment and absorption solution. Mini-Booms include our processed recycled cellulose material, XtraSorb, and are housed in a durable poly inner and outer jacket as an ecologically responsible alternative to synthetic polypropylene goods.

Application and Uses

For absorbing oil and gasoline spills on water. Small marinas, collection ponds, dams, and wastewater collection pits are all common uses. Automotive, industrial, commercial markets, maritime, waste management, and manufacturing industries are also candidates.

The Absorbent Mini-Boom works best when combined with KleenSweep and Oil Socks, and it’s an important aspect of any spill response strategy.

Features and Advantages

  • User-friendly – fast, light, and simple to operate.
  • High absorption – each Mini-Boom can soak up 9.3 litres of oil (19 times its own weight). Absorption capacity is higher than that of pads.
  • Cost-effective – because of its quick oil absorption, it requires less replacement than polypropylene booms.
  • The environmentally friendly sorbent is made up of over 95% recycled organic materials that have been processed. If discharged, it has a low environmental toxicity. Sorbent degrades after 2 to 5 months.
  • Buoyancy – the ability to float indefinitely.
  • Easy to dispose of — may be thrown away, cremated, or composted.
  • Made in Australia
Standards Compliance


Tested to USEPA 1311 TCLP/8015B, ASTM F726-81 & F716-82, CAN/CGSB 183.2-94, ASTM D5560, USEPA: 9095, 9096A, 1030.



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