ARB High Output Air Compressor

The ARB High Output Air Compressor, is offered in both portable and vehicle-mounted variants and is made completely of lightweight, high-grade components. This compressor boasts a class-leading flow rate and is intended for a variety of work and play purposes, including quick tire inflation, Air LockerĀ® activation (on-board model), and other uses. The portable equipment contains a 19-foot air hose, battery clamps, an inflation kit, and a tough travel bag, while the vehicle-mounted kit includes a full wiring loom and mounting hardware for simple installation.


  • Sealed to repel dust and moisture
  • Cylinder bore with hard anodizing for less friction
  • Teflon-infused carbon fibre piston seal for the longest possible lifespan
  • On models that are vehicle mounted, the anodized mounting bracket absorbs motor heat and enables compressor rotation by 180 degrees.
  • High-quality parts for a quiet operation and an extended life made completely of engineering-grade materials that are lightweight and strong fitted with an over-pressure safety valve
  • Internal thermal protection safeguards the motor from harm caused by high temperatures.
  • MAXI heavy-duty fuse with expert in-line circuit protection
  • Available on-board model in a 12V or 24V format.
ARB Maximum Output Portable Compressor

The ARB twin motor design produces class-leading air flow for quick inflation while supplying maximum power. It has high-quality components for silent operation and increased longevity and is built from lightweight, high-strength engineering grade materials.

The twin motors have inbuilt heat protection against damage from high temperatures, and each motor has a heavy duty in-line MAXI fuse for expert circuit protection.

Available as a portable kit that includes a 1-gallon air tank, inflation accessories, and a tough travel bag or a kit that can be mounted on a vehicle and includes the necessary mounting hardware and wiring loom.


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